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Select the desired 10 bonbons and truffles into the box and add to cart.

All bonbons and truffles contain dairy products if not stated otherwise as Vegan.

As the bonbons are hand crafted their appearance is not identical to the one on the photo.

  • Passion fruit in milk chocolate

    Sour passion fruit in sweet milk chocolate.

  • Earl Grey

    Chocolatey ganache infused with Earl Grey tea in dark chocolate.

    Allergen: Honey

  • Mango Lime Coconut

    Sweetness, acidity and freshness coated into caramel chocolate.

    Allergen: Coconut

  • Pear Ginger truffle

    Spiced fruity caramel in dark chocolate.

  • Salted Caramel

    Silky salted caramel in caramelised chocolate.

  • Apricot

    Fruity apricot in white chocolate.

  • Vanilla Banana

    Sweet and creamy ganache in white chocolate.

  • Passion fruit in white chocolate

    Acidic passion fruit in white chocolate covered with coconut flakes.

    Allergen: Coconut

  • Raspberry Lychee

    Sweet and sour ganache in white chcolate covered with fruit powder.

  • Raspberry

    Sourness of raspberry in dark chocolate.

  • Spicy Caramel

    Caramel with nutmeg, lemon and vanilla in dark chocolate.

  • Cherry Tonka

    Cherry puree infused with tonka bean in milk chocolate.

  • Coffee

    Creamy Irish coffee in milk chocolate.

  • Pistachio

    Sweet pistachio cream in white chocolate.

    Allergen: pistachio

  • Chili

    Spicy taste of chili in dark chocolate.

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